Property Rental

Property investing doesn't always mean purchasing or spending large sums of money. Another way of investing in property is via Rent 2 Rent. 

What does this mean?

Well you find a rental property and then rent it from the landlord or agent. You guarantee the rent over a long term, anything from 3 to 5 years, and look after and maintain the property for the owner.


Why would a landlord rent
to me?

Landlords have a lot on their hands. They have to find tenants, the right ones and therefore lots of checks to do. They then have to collect rents, maintain the property to a good standard and make sure their tenants are happy. This takes a lot of time and energy and some landlords get tired of doing all of this so they are happy when we offer guaranteed rent over a long period and look after the property for them.


How can I find a tired landlord?

That is what we are here for. You tell us what sort of property you would like and the area that best suits you and we find it for you. Mostly we speak direct to landlords but sometimes we go to agents. Either way we will negotiate the rent, organise the agreements and set you up in your new property as quickly as possible, so you get on with the business of running your business!



Birmingham rent to rent serviced accommo
Rented to an investor in Birmingham​​

This lovely little 3 Bed terraced house, close to amenities and transport to both Birmingham city centre and airport, offered my investor a great return and long term rental. 

It works well as a serviced accommodation because of it's location and the amazing occupancy rate of 70% plus.


Bristol rent to rent HMO.PNG
​​Bristol bungalow changed to a 5 bed HMO

This property offered the investor the space and scope to change into a 5 bed HMO. It's location, being close to the M5 motorway and business parks of Bristol, provided the investor with lots of opportunities to gain professional tenants working in th area.


4 Bed Birmingham

“Property being something I am new to and do on the side of a full time job. It can be awfully difficult and complicated. Caroline however made everything easy, she was thorough with the right processes in place, explained in detail what I needed to do (most just out of the kindness of her heart rather than part of her service) and I found she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. So much so that I will continue to use her and recommend her to others. Thanks for your support in finding the right people for my house” Landlord Review

Wolverhampton rent to rent SA.PNG
​​Wolverhampton property with 2 units 

When I first contacted the owner of this property, I didn't realise it was split into 2! So the investor got 2 for the price of 1.

A 3 bed flat and studio apartment below. It needed some work doing but with a low rental and a months free rent, this was possible and the investor has it up and running for his corporate contracts.